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Growth Real Estate Opportunities

Life is short.

We invest to generate income with little time commitment, so we can spend our time on the things important to us.
Freedom to do what we love.
Instead of being stuck in an office, we receive distribution checks and can travel, explore or work when and how we want.

  • A week skiing with family in the Japanese mountains?
  • Exploring the beaches of Thailand?
  • Working on a new idea in our incubator?
  • Getting drunk with friends and sleeping in when we feel like it.


That’s why we started investing in Real Estate.
Owning and running a business takes time and a lot of effort.
Shares bounce around – and mostly have no dividend.
Real estate offers a rock-solid asset that spins off cashflow and, with good managers in place, takes very little time day to day.

The work is done up front in reviewing the deal, the management and the asset.

With $20 trillion + of assets available to pick from, Real Estate can match any scale of ambitions.

We seek value.

Most of our team are huge Warren Buffett fans.
We try to buy assets at a discount to their true value, giving us additional upside and also extra downside protection.
We are patient in finding opportunities, rejecting hundreds and only pulling the trigger on great deals.
It is better to do 1 great deal a year then 50 average deals.

Some of our projects.

We put our personal money into real estate opportunities.
We look for projects with

  • rock solid management
  • great value from day 1
  • cashflow income
  • and a solid plan to generate upside.

Mobile Home Parks.

40% rental yield and 250% capital appreciation in 18 months.
Manager owns 2000 + units.

Multifamily Apartment Buildings.

9% net yield and full return of capital in 4 years.
Manager co-owns and manages 8000+ apartments

Cross-Asset Funds (Storage, Land, Commercial).

10% preferred dividend and capital appreciation 20% +/ annum.
Manager co-owns 10,000+ units

Educate yourself.

Learn everything you can about the asset classes you are investing in.
We provide comprehensive guides on commercial real estate.
Buy our courses. Read the materials.
As your education goes up, the risk goes down.

Join us!

We created this site for other like-minded individuals.
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You have our assurance – our personal money is on the line too.

You lose, we lose. We win, you win.

We do everything we can in our due diligence to make sure we do win.
Our track record proves it.

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